The Role of Research in the Development of Effective Strategies

We develop strategies that transform culture to improve health and safety in organizations and communities. The development of these strategies is based on scientific research to ensure they are valid and effective. ‚Äč

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Given the diversity of communities, there are rarely existing solutions that fit the unique culture of a community. Instead, efforts to improve health and safety in a community need to begin with research to understand the local culture and analyze its effect on behavior.

Our research is designed in partnership with the communities we serve to ensure we are addressing the social issues that are most important to them. Such partnerships ensure that the strategies we propose from this research are relevant and supported by these communities.

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  • Child Wellbeing
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Development
  • Problem Gambling
  • Social Norms Marketing
  • Substance Misuse
  • Traffic Safety

Meth Free MT: 2002-2003

Links Montana Department of Justice Join Together As part of the 2002 COPS Methamphetamine Initiative led by Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath, MOST of Us helped to design a permanent...

Social Norms Program To Increase Support for Impaired Driving Prevention Strategies: 2005-2007

MOST of Us will develop a social norms program to build support for existing and increased impaired driving enforcement activities. Social norms advocacy will be tested in states that have...

Social Norms Program Focused on Impaired Driving for Statewide Implementation: 2003-2004

The primary goal of this project was to create an Implementation Guide to support the planning and initiation of statewide social norms campaigns focused on impaired driving. The result is...

MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving Campaign: 2000-2003

Links Montana Department of Transportation National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Montana's MOST Of Us Don't Drink & Drive Campaign -- A Social Norms Strategy To Reduce Impaired Driving Among 21-34...

Impaired Driving Prevention Statewide Technical Assistance: 2003-2004

Links Montana Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) MOST of Us delivered strategic technical assistance to the 16 Safe Kids / Safe Communities (SKSC) Coalitions across Montana...

Community and Parent Involvement Campaign: 1999-2000

Links Montana Department of Health and Human Services Parents. The Anti-Drug AADAC | Parents: Prevention For this project, MOST of Us conducted a pioneering survey to assess what parents do...

Campus-Wide Social Norms Alcohol Campaign 2005-2006

MOST of Us has begun the strategic planning and environmental advocacy work for the first campus-wide social norms campaign at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The initial grant includes...