Guide Service Overview

Communities often find that ongoing support from the Center for Health and Safety Culture contributes to their success. A trained guide from CHSC is a personal consultant available by phone and email to support your community’s efforts. Through monthly calls, the guide becomes familiar with your specific project and helps guide you through the transformation process. The guide is available to provide feedback on leadership development, implementing communication efforts, and managing prevention strategies at the local level.

Our experience has shown that unexpected challenges often arise, and your personal guide can help successfully find your way. In addition to personal assistance with the Positive Culture Framework (PCF) journey, the guide provides access to the Community of Practice website. The Community of Practice website is an exclusive interactive site in which participants can share media, stories of transformation, ask questions, download tools, and engage with other communities that are engaged in PCF projects.

At the end of each year, your community will receive an Executive Summary designed to help you celebrate successes, learn from the experiences, and prepare for the next year. This service is only available to communities that have participated in a two or 2.5-day training.

Watch the following webinar for more information on guide service and how you can use the service to cultivate a healthy and safe culture in your organization or community.

Contact the Center

Please contact us if you are interested in further information at or (406) 994-7873. 



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