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The Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) has a multi-disciplinary team of researchers focused on conducting applied research and evaluation with communities and organizations that is practical and useful. We have expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches and are committed to rigorous approaches that yield actionable results.  

Cultural Assessments and Surveys 

A critical first step in any effort to improve health and safety by cultivating cultural transformation requires assessing the current culture. Our approach is adapted for the community or organization and may involve surveying a representative sample of the population of focus or interviewing a carefully selected group of key informants.  

We collaborate with diverse organizations, groups, and communities to conduct surveys related to health and safety culture in domains such as traffic safety, health promotion, and violence prevention. We are developing a family of surveys to assess cultural factors that influence underage drinking and youth substance use. These surveys are designed for students, school staff and teachers, parents, community members, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and alcohol retailers. Together, they provide a more accurate understanding of the social ecology influencing youth behaviors in a community. 


Evaluation is a crucial part of transforming culture in health and safety. Not considered only at the end, evaluation is integrated throughout the transformation process. We conduct independent, objective evaluations and use process and outcome evaluation techniques with a focus on utilization evaluation. Evaluation yields information that can be utilized to refine programs or strategies to maximize effectiveness, to allow stakeholders to understand challenges and successes, to demonstrate progress on transforming key outcomes and achieving desired impacts, and to support sustainability. Evaluation can also allow for understanding of cost-benefit or cost-effectiveness and provide evidence for policy. 

To Partner with Us 

We look forward to learning about your community’s or organization’s health and safety culture and welcome the opportunity to discuss collaboration. Please contact us.