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Instructional Videos

Medication Assisted Treatment

Anjali Nandi introduces medication assisted treatment (MAT). She provides an overview of addition and the brain, discusses different types of MATs, and addresses common concerns about MAT.

Applying Motivational Interviewing to Advocate for the Positive

Anjali Nandi discusses ways to provide information to others that challenges thinking and introduces fundamental motivational interviewing skills. She also provides guidance on how to initiate a conversation, how to work with pushback, as well as how to close a conversation.

Meetings 101

Tara Kuipers discusses what makes a meeting effective, two keys for effective meetings, and provides a variety of tools, resources, and tips that can help make meetings more effective.

Networks and Buy-ins

Anjali Nandi defines networks, why they are important, and discusses specific skills and strategies for building networks.

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Emotional Development, and Underage Alcohol/Drug Use: Connecting the Dots

Anjali Nandi provides a definition of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), discusses the relationship between ACEs and underage substance use, and highlights the importance of social and emotional skills.