This project was designed to increase awareness among Montanans ages 45 and older of the signs and symptoms of stroke, the modifiable risk factors of stroke, and the need to call emergency medical services at the very first sign of stroke.

MOST of Us developed a media campaign and health education materials around the theme of “Prevent/Survive Stroke.” This campaign educated the target population on how to reduce the chances of suffering a stroke, and how to identify and rapidly react to strokes when they occur.

This project is a key element in the new CDCynergy, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention edition, whihc is now available online at This newly revised HDSP CDCynergy contains new resources, plus a new example of how CDCynergy can be used in a signs and symptoms of stroke campaign. The HDSP edition, which meets all CDC requirements for accessibility by persons who use adaptive technologies to access information, is the first CDCynergy to be hosted on a CDC server. We encourage you to visit this site and explore CDCynergy for information, examples, and resources about health communication.

Sponsor: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services