Nicholas Ward, Ph.D., Jay Otto, M.S., and Kari Finley, Ph.D., with the Center for Health and Safety Culture along with David Kack, M.B.A., and Rebecca Gleason, PE, M.S., with the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University and Taylor Lonsdale, PE, with the City of Bozeman have published an article in the Journal of Safety Research. The article highlights a study that examined the influence of traffic safety culture on driver behaviors that affect safe interactions with bicyclists. The intention of drivers to behave prosocially was related to their positive attitudes and perceived ability to engage in this behavior.

Ward, N. J., Finley, K., Otto, J., Kack, D., Gleason, R., & Lonsdale, T. (2020). Traffic safety culture and prosocial driver behavior for safer vehicle-bicyclist interactions. Journal of Safety Research, 75, 24-31.