Bridget Hanson, Ph.D., Kari Finley, Ph.D., Jay Otto, M.S., and Nicholas Ward, Ph. D., with the Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) at Montana State University published an article in the journal, JMIR Human Factors. The article shares findings from a study that sought to identify relationships between trust in various sources of health information and beliefs related to vaccination and mask wearing. Results support the need to bolster the public’s trust in health care agencies as well as enhance trust and respect in health care providers to increase people’s adoption of mitigation behaviors and prepare for future pandemics.  

The article is Open Access and available at

This work was supported by the Office of Research, Economic Development, and Graduate Education at Montana State University.  

Citation – Hanson, B. L., Finley, K., Otto, J., & Ward, N. J. (2022). Role of trusted sources and behavioral beliefs in promoting mitigation behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic: Survey study. JMIR Human Factors, 9, e37454.