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MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving Campaign

November 12, 2002

Research conducted in Montana has shown that young adults greatlymisperceive the prevalence of impaired driving. In an effort to addressthe misperception that impaired driving among young adults is more common than it really is, the Montana Social Norms Project (MSNP) created the MOST of Us Campaign. The campaign strives to reshape theoverall social context in […]

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Estimated Blood Alcohol Levels Reached by ‘Binge’ and ‘Nonbinge’ Drinkers

October 25, 2002

Dr. Jeff Linkenbach, with Wesley Perkins of Hobart and William Smith College and William DeJong of Boston University, published Estimated Blood Alcohol Levels Reached by ‘Binge’ and ‘Nonbinge’ Drinkers: Survey of Young Adults in Montana, in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Vol. 15, No. 4, 317-320.

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MSU study details tobacco campaign’s effectiveness

March 26, 2002

Missoulian, March 26, 2002 The Project’s “MOST of Us are Tobacco Free’ media campaign ran in seven western Montana counties, home to 28 percent of all Montana teens, during the 2000-2001 school year. In these counties, only 10 percent of the 12 to 17-year olds who had never smoked before had their first cigarette, the […]

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Montana Rules CD-ROM

February 10, 2002

Montana Rules CD-ROM is an animated game, produced by MOST of Us that is a fast-paced and engaging challenge that is enjoyable and will help teach road safety. This CD-ROM which will help Montana students learn about traffic safety and prepare to take the driver’s license exam using this animated quiz. Visit our Montana Rules […]

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MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving

February 2, 2002

“MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving” is the message being promoted by a Montana-based health promotion project. The Montana Social Norms Project, based at Montana State University, is actively working to reduce alcohol-related crashes among 18- to 34-year-olds in Montana through its MOST of Us Prevent Drinking and Driving Campaign. The campaign consists of […]

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MOST of Us Are Tobacco Free Campaign

February 1, 2002

Montana State University–Bozeman — Research demonstrates that the number of teens who tried smoking significantly decreased in several western Montana counties after an eight month science-based MOST of Us Are Tobacco Free Campaign. Data further indicates that with additional funding and resources the campaign has the potential to encourage an even greater number of teens […]

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November 30, 2001

The new CDCynergy, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention edition, is now available online at . This newly revised HDSP CDCynergy contains new resources, plus a new example of how CDCynergy can be used in a signs and symptoms of stroke campaign. The HDSP edition, which meets all CDC requirements for accessibility by persons who […]

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