Dr. Nic Ward will present at the 7th Annual Distracted Driving Summit on September 25, 2019 in Roanoke, Virginia in a session titled, “Growing an Effective Safety Culture.” The following is the session description:
Many companies require employees to drive as part of their work. Distracted driving is a significant risk factor. Company soma online leadership has a role in creating conditions that reduce distracted driving. However, the success of the company will depend on its own internal safety culture. This presentation will describe the results of work by the Center for Health and Safety Culture to measure safety culture and analyze its influence of distracted driving. The goal of this work is to develop strategies to strengthen safety culture so companies are more effective in preventing distracted driving. Hear from Cargill on what specific successes they have had in growing a strong safety culture in the workplace and strategies they recommend to implement a hands-free phone ban for employees.
The Summit is expecting around 300 attendees. Law enforcement, corporate safety managers, educators, victim advocates, insurance where to buy soma professionals, government entities, and researchers are expected to be in attendance. For more information on the Summit, click here.