Dr. Nicholas Ward (F. Erg. S) obtained his Ph.D. in Human Factors psychology from Queen’s University (Canada).  He is currently a Professor of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering and Director of the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University.  This center focuses on transforming culture across the social ecology that influences health and safety including safe driving.  This is achieved through community and organization engagement to measure, analyse, and transform including values, assumptions and beliefs that can sustain healthy and safe behavioral choices.  These methodologies have been applied to high risk driving behaviors such as speeding, drunk driving, seat-belt compliance, bystander intervention, and workplace safety.  As an original member of the Transportation Research Board Subcommittee on Roadway Safety Culture, he is an international leader for the advancement of traffic safety culture as a paradigm to achieve the vision of zero traffic fatalities.   Professor Ward co-authored the traffic safety culture chapter for the national Toward Zero Death strategy and published a primer on traffic safety culture for traffic safety practitioners.   



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