Bridget Hanson, Ph.D., Kari Finley, Ph.D., and Jay Otto, M.S. with the Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) at Montana State University published an article in the Journal of Community Health. The article shares findings from a study that explored beliefs and attitudes associated with support for three community-based strategies to address opioid misuse and addiction – naloxone availability, needle exchange programs, and medication-assisted treatment. Results showed support for all strategies, with the strongest support for medication-assisted treatment. Stigmatizing and normative beliefs predicted support for all strategies, suggesting that community support for harm reduction and treatment programs may be bolstered by reducing stigma and increasing normative beliefs.

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Citation – Hanson, B. L., Finley, K., Otto, J., Ward, N. J., & Banik, S. (2024). Community support for harm reduction and treatment of opioid use disorder. Journal of Community Health, 10.1007/s10900-023-01278-6. Advance online publication.