This project was part of the European Union Framework Program Horizon 2020. It was a 36-month effort that brought together expertise in engineering (vehicle safety, road building, traffic system planning) as well as in the sciences of human action (psychology, sociology, anthropology) in order to develop a comprehensive framework of traffic safety culture that was useful for practical work in road safety as well as for academic research. Knowledge exchange was a core element of the project, not only via the researchers that were seconded between partner organizations but also through a knowledge platform that was created for the partners as well as for the public. The project included data from naturalistic driving studies that had not been used in the context of cultural analysis before. A major focus was on factors that could be changed comparatively easy under given cultural conditions in order to contribute to road safety work in practice.

For more information, please visit TraSaCu.

Sponsor:  Montana Department of Transportation
Start Date: 07/01/15
End Date: 09/30/19
PI: Ward