January 2003


Part I: Introduction
The Emergence and Evolution of the Social Norms Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention – H. Wesley Perkins

Part II: Case Studies of College Experiments to Reduce Alcohol Abuse
The Northern Illinois University Experiment: A Case Study of the Social Norms Approach – Michael Haines and Gregory P. Barker
The Hobart and William Smith Colleges Experiment: A Synergistic Social Norms Approach Using Print, Electronic Media and Curriculum Infusion to Reduce Collegiate Problem Drinking – H. Wesley Perkins and David W. Craig
The University of Arizona’s Campus Health Social Norms Media Campaign – Koreen Johannessen and Peggy Glider
Applying the Social Norms Model to Universal and Indicated Alcohol Interventions at Western Washington University – Patricia M. Fabiano
The Rowan University Social Norms Project – Linda R. Jeffrey, Pam Negro, DeMond Miller, and John D. Frisone
The Small Group Norms-Challenging Model: Social Norms Interventions with Targeted High Risk Groups – Jeanne Far and John Miller

PART III: Expanding Social Norms Interventions to Other College Student Applications
Perceptions, Norms and Tobacco Use in College Residence Hall Freshmen: Evaluation of a Social Norms Marketing Intervention – Linda Hancock and Neil Henry
A Social Norms Approach to Building Campus Support for Policy Change – William DeJong

PART IV: Young Adults and Social Norms Work beyond the Campus
Misperceptions of Peer Alcohol Norms in a Statewide Survey of Young Adults – Jeff Linkenbach and H. Wesley Perkins
The Montana Model: Development and Overview of a Seven-Step Process for Implementing Macro-Level Social Norms Campaigns – Jeff Linkenbach

PART V: The Social Norms Approach in Middle and High School Populations
The Imaginary Lives of Peers: Patterns of Substance Use and Misperceptions of Norms among Secondary School Students – H. Wesley Perkins and David W. Craig
MOST of Us Are Tobacco Free: An Eight-Month Social Norms Campaign Reducing Youth Initiation of Smoking in Montana – Jeff Linkenbach and H. Wesley Perkins
Using Social Norms To Reduce Alcohol And Tobacco Use in Two Midwestern High Schools – Michael Haines, Gregory P. Barker, and Richard Rice

PART VI: Further Applications and Challenges for the Social Norms Model in Promoting
Health and Well-Being
Parents’ Perceptions of Parenting Norms: Using the Social Norms Approach to Reinforce Effective Parenting – Jeff Linkenbach, H. Wesley Perkins, and William DeJong
Application of Social Norms Theory to Other Health and Social Justice Issues – Alan Berkowitz
The Promise and Challenge of Future Work on the Social Norms Model – H. Wesley Perkins

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