Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA) uses social norms marketing and environmental management strategies to reduce heavy and high-risk drinking and drug use among college students. This highly effective program has been designated a “model program” by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention SAMHSA Model Programs: Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs for Every Community. Through its state block grants, SAMHSA is actively encouraging communities to adopt interventions like CCAA from its list of model programs SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework.

A CCAA Introduction and On-line Assessment are available to answer the three essential questions of prospective adopters: 1) how does CCAA work, 2) is CCAA a good fit for your school or community, 3) what budget and other resources are required for CCAA implementation. These documents are available from the MOST of Us website @ CCAA

The Introduction, “CHALLENGING COLLEGE ALCOHOL ABUSE: An Introduction to Planning and Program Development,” is a “workshop in a box” that brings interested persons up to speed with this evidence-based perspective on substance abuse prevention. It discusses the social norms approach and environmental strategies, how to build local capacity to operate a program, how to budget, and how to build a winning project team.

The On-line Assessment, “CHALLENGING COLLEGE ALCOHOL ABUSE (CCAA): Program Development Assessment Building Your Capacity for a Successful CCAA Program” measures community or institutional readiness and capacity to begin the program. The Assessment reveals respondent assets and areas that need development. Respondents can print the questions and their answers to use for planning and grant writing purposes, or, at modest cost, MOST of Us will prepare a narrative from them. MOST of Us can also be contracted to provide grant writing and technical assistance, media development and production work, and other consulting services.

This Introduction and Assessment will prepare you for a consultation with MOST of Us to determine if the CCAA program is right for you. If you are interested setting up a consultation or working with MOST of Us to implement the CCAA program, send an email to