Oregon-kids-pic-1April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Nationally, one in every 12 adults, (17.6 million people) suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. Although rates have declined since 2007, more than 1 in 6 eleventh–graders in Oregon report binge drinking, a behavior that puts them at risk for injury and other adverse health outcomes, according to a Governor’s Proclamation for April. The good news is that 74 percent of Oregon students do not drink alcohol. 

One of the ways the Oregon Health Authority raises alcohol awareness is through the mORe Project. The project works to communicate to Oregon communities that most underage young people don’t drink. The mORe campaign strives to guide conversations about underage drinking and correct misperceptions. The campaign is designed to balance two goals: confront the seriousness of underage drinking, and to build hope that communities can work together to reduce risk and create positive change. The mORe website has county-by-county information about what is going on in each community, and, there are great posters and videos you can download. Read the Governor’s Proclamation for Alcohol Awareness Month.