The Center for Health and Safety Culture worked with six regional prevention providers in West Virginia to develop and support implementation of various activities using the Positive Community Norms framework to reduce underage drinking and the misuse of prescription drugs among youth and young adults. This work was performed in collaboration with the state’s Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnerships for Success Project. This project focused on implementing Positive Community Norms in 12 high-need counties (two counties in each of the six prevention regions). Key activities included capacity building of prevention staff and local coalitions, developing and deploying various tools to assess existing culture, supporting statewide message development, developing tools to grow norms among specific focus audiences including community adults, law enforcement, school staff, parents, students, and healthcare.

Sponsors: Community Impact Coalition, Potomac Highlands, Westbrook Health Services, Harrison County, Prestera Center, and Community Connections
Start Date: 05/01/14
End Date: 12/31/18
PI: Otto