“Montana Rules” is an interactive game that prepares teens and adults for the Montana driver’s license exam. Designed as a “game show” style quiz with four levels of difficulty, Montana Rules is educational and engaging, with fun sounds and charming animation that keep players involved and interested. Originally created on CD-ROM, in 2005 MOST of Us created an online version of the game that was immediately and easily accessible to teachers and students around the state.

The goal of Montana Rules – besides helping students pass their tests – is to give students a mastery of the rules and regulations that keep Montana’s road’s safe, a knowledge which we believe will encourage them to be safer drivers once they get behind the wheel.

12,000 copies of the Montana Rules CD-ROM were distributed at no charge to all of Montana’s 390 junior high and high schools, and MOST of Us repeatedly receives requests for more. The game has already become an important curriculum item for Driver’s Ed teachers from around the state. Because of the strong response to Montana Rules, MOST of Us has designed and programmed educational traffic safety games for elementary school students.

Unfortunately, we are not able to update this resource.  Some of the laws may have changed since its release in 2005.



‘Montana Rules’ for Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 – 54.1mb (x86 32-bit Application)

‘Montana Rules’ for Mac OS X 10.x – 76.0mb (Intel/PPC Universal Binary)

Sponsor: Montana Department of Transportation