Got Nightlife?
International Panel of Experts Provide
a Toolbox of Tactics

Harness Your City's Nighttime EconomyThe Sociable City: Planning, Managing and Policing Hospitality Zones

Jim Peters, founder and president of the Responsible Hospitality Institute studied social and legal trends in the hospitality industry for more than three decades and is an award-winning author and a noted speaker at conferences worldwide. He will present research gathered from more than thirty US and Canadian cities on trends and issues associated with nightlife, and ways to enhance economic benefits while reducing public safety and quality of life impacts in the nighttime economy.

Raising the Bar: Strategies to Reduce Violence and Aggression in Licensed Establishments

Kathryn Graham, Ph.D, is a Senior Scientist and Head of Social and Community Prevention Research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in London, Ontario; and author of the book, Raising the Bar, on security and preventing aggression in licensed businesses. A world renowned researcher, Dr. Graham will provide insights on the factors leading to violence in and around bars, present an overview of a security training program proven to have results, and discuss other factors associated with nightlife venues and public safety.

Getting it Right: Integrating Safety Data into Development, Transportation and Safety Planning

Friedner D. Wittman, Ph.D. Research Specialist, Institute for Study of Social Change, University of California where he and his colleagues developed a multi-disciplinary community environment approach for prevention of alcohol and drug problems. Using mapping technology and information gathering, city planners and enforcement agencies can filter through incidents reports and uncover the factors associated with impacts. Three case studies will demonstrate how to integrate data collection into zoning, manage density and impacts from nightlife.

Science of the Positive and Seven Step Social Norms Marketing

Jeff Linkenbach, Ed.D. is a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Health & Human Development at Montana State University and Director of the National MOST Of Us Institute for Social Norms. A pioneer in the area of the social norms approach to prevention, his research and innovative project development constantly strive to translate social science into social action through radio, television and print campaigns and other forms of media advocacy or strategic communications, by hearing and steering public conversations, based upon data in order to correct misperceptions and achieve measurable outcomes.