By Jennifer Miller, M.ED.

“Parents recognize the that their children need to learn to collaborate if they are to tackle class projects or survive and thrive in the modern workplace. Parents realize that children have to learn to manage the feelings they experience, whether its anxiety, anger, or frustration, in order to achieve their goals. And parents are also keenly aware that their children will only be successful in relationships with others if they can think and feel with empathy for others and make compassionate choices with consequences in mind. All of these are critical social and emotional skills.”

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About the Author: Jennifer Miller, M.Ed., author of the popular site Confident Parents, Confident Kids, has twenty years experience helping adults become more effective with children through social and emotional learning. She serves as lead writer for the Center for Health and Safety Culture’s project Parenting Montana: Tools for Your Child’s Success, a statewide effort to bolster engagement by those in a parenting role in developing the social and emotional skills of their children.