GrowPSCtraffic_safetyMany traffic safety agencies are now adopting a vision of zero fatalities.  To achieve this goal, it will require securing more resources, establishing new partnerships, and implementing innovative strategies.   Such efforts may require that agencies examine and change their own cultures.  Only by creating an organizational culture that values safety, innovation, and collaboration can agencies increase their efforts to successfully achieve the zero fatality vision. 

In this regard, the Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) has developed a project framework to help traffic safety agencies grow effective cultures to support their own plans for a zero fatality vision.  Each agency will be provided with results and recommendations to transform their own culture with respect to their unique traffic safety goals.

Potential funding sources include State Planning and Research (SP&R) funds, possibly NHTSA 402 funding (administered through the State Highway Safety Offices), or state funds. Another potential option is NHTSA’s Road to Zero program.

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Growing a Positive Safety Culture within a DOT (.pdf)