Traffic Safety Culture: Definition, Foundation, and Application 

[Image Description] Book cover, Emerald Books: Traffic Safety Culture: Definition, Foundation, and Application (download .pdf)The Center for Health and Safety Culture is involved in the publication of a newly edited book called, “Traffic Safety Culture: Definition, Foundation, and Application.” The editors include Dr. Nic Ward, Dr. Barry Watson, and Dr. Katie Fleming-Vogl. Center staff and affiliated Montana State University faculty involved in various chapters throughout the book include Jay Otto, M.S., Dr. Kari Finley, Kelly Green, M.P.A., Dr. Eric Austin, and Dr. William Schell 

This reference book provides traffic safety researchers and practitioners with an international and multi-disciplinary compendium of theory-based and practice-based chapters. Together, these chapters discuss the research and application of “Traffic Safety Culture” as an important approach to achieve the vision of zero traffic fatalities (and serious injuries).   

Traffic crashes are a significant cause of death and debilitating injury worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Whereas most traditional safety efforts teach safe behavior (education), punish risky behavior (enforcement), or design the environment to minimize crash injury resulting from those behaviors (engineering), there is also the need to understand the culture of our social environments that influence our concern for traffic safety and choice of behaviors.  

As a result, there is growing interest in the concept of Traffic Safety Culture. However, this concept is relatively new and is not yet supported by a robust theoretical foundation or amassed large body of empirical evidence. The goal of this book is to create a theoretical foundation and methodological framework for measuring and using traffic safety culture, including the discussion of best practices for developing, implementing and evaluating culture-based strategies. 

Nicholas John Ward 
Montana State University, USA 

Barry Watson 
Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

Katie Fleming-Vogl 
Minnesota Department of Transportation, USA 


ISBN: 9781787146181
Published: 12 April 2019
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited 

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*Editors receive a royalty payment from the publisher.