Asher Townsend graduated with a B.S. in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering and a Minor in Psychology from Montana State University (MSU) in 2017. He is currently enrolled in the Industrial Engineering graduate program at MSU to obtain a Master’s degree.

Asher is fascinated with areas of engineering that intersect with psychology, which led to focusing his graduate research within Human Factors. As part of a project in an Advanced Human Factors course, he worked with Bridger Bowl in assessing traffic flow, where he identified potential solutions to increase carpooling and bus transportation. His main areas of interest include the user-oriented design of technological products such as smartphones, computers, and virtual reality. The field he would most like to work in is where human factors intersects with transportation, especially considering the advancements of automated driving features in vehicles and how to design them to allow users to adapt easily and safely. In the near future, he aspires to contribute to the development of user-oriented products and systems that are safe, appealing, revolutionary and successful for both the customer and the company.