Center for Health & Safety Culture

An interdisciplinary center serving communities and organizations through research, training, and support services to cultivate healthy and safe cultures.

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2016 Spring Training

Mark your calendars for May 10th - 12th in Orlando for a Spring Training. Registration is open!

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Positive Culture Framework

Our new Framework considers a broader set of cultural components including values, beliefs, and attitudes. Our research has shown that by including these broader components with norms, we are able to achieve more significant and sustainable results. 

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How can our Center help you?

  • trainings to build the capacity of your team or coalition
  • tools to cultivate cultural change
  • on-going guidance for your change efforts
  • research projects to explore and develop resources
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Interested in Transforming the Safety Culture of your state DOT?

You are invited to participate in a small cohort project to grow a positive organization safety culture. Click to learn more!

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The Center for Health and Safety Culture has spent the last year evaluating its methods and mission to better serve communities and organizations.   Specifically, our research and training has expanded beyond Positive Community Norms (PCN) to consider a broader set of cultural influences in addition to norms including values, beliefs, and attitudes.

This broadly operating model to measure, analyze, and transform culture is called “Positive Culture Framework” (PCF).  This framework is grounded in validated psychological models of human social behaviors related to health and safety. 

To support these changes we have a new center Director with a multi-disciplinary background in social and cognitive psychology and systems engineering:  Professor Nicholas J. Ward.  Professor Ward is an international leader in the measurement and application of culture-based strategies to improve traffic safety.

Registration is open for the PCF Training in Orlando, FL on May 10th-12th, 2016!  Please visit for more details.