Idaho Transportation Department: Developing a Constructive Culture

The Center is supporting a project at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to grow a constructive culture. ITD’s core mission is to enhance safety, mobility, and economic development through its transportation activities serving the citizens of Idaho. Towards this end, ITD seeks to provide outstanding customer service to all its customers – both internal and external. For ITD to achieve its mission in a way that exemplifies outstanding customer service, ITD is growing leadership culture that embraces a constructive leadership style –that focuses on achievement, self-actualizing, humanistic / encouraging, and affiliative behaviors. By growing this leadership style and culture, ITD will be more effective at meeting the needs of Idaho’s citizens and delivering on its mission. Such a culture will also facilitate the recruitment and retention of strong personnel which is a growing concern as a high degree of staff turnover is expected due to a large number of upcoming retirements. The Center is supporting this effort by providing additional cultural assessments, communication recommendations, and evaluation.

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