About the Center for Health & Safety Culture


The Center for Health & Safety Culture (CHSC) is an interdisciplinary center serving communities and organizations through research, training, and support services to cultivate healthy and safe cultures. The Center is dedicated to applying research to develop sustainable solutions to complex social problems. Our research focuses on understanding how culture impacts behavior – especially behavior associated with health and safety. We have expanded beyond Positive Community Norms (PCN) to consider a broader set of cultural influences in addition to norms including values, beliefs, and attitudes. This broadly operating model to measure, analyze, and transform culture is called “Positive Culture Framework” (PCF). This framework is grounded in validated psychological models of human social behaviors related to health and safety. We address a variety of issues working with tribal, federal, state, and community agencies as well as private non-profit and for-profit organizations and companies. Current research projects include addressing substance abuse, traffic safety, child maltreatment and violence.

Sharing what we have learned with those doing the work is very important to us. Training and on-going guidance are critical components of our Center’s efforts. We provide both open trainings as well as training sessions addressing your needs delivered in your community or organization. We would like to learn what works through our research and share it with you so you can put it into practice.

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We believe the solutions are in the community. A cultural approach is about cultivating health and safety across all the layers of our society or the many levels of your organization that impact the behaviors of interest. By focusing on the multiple layers of culture involved in a behavior, it is possible to create change that can be sustained over time.

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