Katie Fleming-Vogl is a Traffic Safety Specialist at the Center for Health and Safety Culture at
Montana State University. Katie holds a M.A. in Sociology from California State University.
Katie has ten years of experience in transportation safety and five years of experience
evaluating community health and well-being improvement programs using qualitative and
quantitative evaluation research methods.

Katie has developed an award winning safety performance and data visualization tools to
evaluate transportation networks, introduced traffic safety culture strategies to the Minnesota
Department of Transportation, implemented the first statewide Measure of Minnesota’s Traffic
Safety Culture. Katie has also served on the Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan project
team and helped bring Traffic Safety Culture to the center of the plan’s priorities. Katie has a
passion for behavioral science approaches to transform and improve communities.

Within her community, Katie also volunteers at her local community garden and provides grant
writing services to a local program that helps seniors live safely in their own homes and remain
vital members of the community. Katie enjoys the outdoors and strives to promote a positive
and healthy community throughout her work and home life.



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