Growing safety culture

Growing safety culture has been identified as a core strategy by USDOT Safety Council, FHWA’s Joint Safety Strategic Plan, The National Towards Zero Deaths (TZD) Safety Initiative, and the Road to Zero Coalition. Growing a positive traffic safety culture would not only support traffic safety goals by reducing risky behaviors and increasing protective behaviors, it would also increase public acceptance of other effective traffic safety programs. 

Only through the growth of a positive safety culture can significant and sustainable reductions in crash fatalities and serious injuries be achieved. Towards that end, the Center for Health and Safety Culture continues to partner with Montana DOT for a next phase of a pooled fund program focused on understanding traffic safety culture:

(1)       conduct research to identify solutions to specific culture-based traffic safety problems, taking advantage of the implementation opportunities to improve traffic safety;

(2)       develop resources to enhance understanding and application of traffic safety culture strategies; and

(3)       provide technology transfer of best practices in traffic safety culture strategies.


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