Cultural Assessments, Surveys, and Evaluation

Cultural Assessments, Surveys, and EvaluationA critical first step in any effort to improve health and safety by cultivating cultural transformation requires assessing the current culture. The Center provides cultural assessments, surveys, and evaluation services.

We are developing a family of surveys to assess cultural factors that influence underage drinking and youth substance abuse. These surveys are designed for students, school staff and teachers, parents, community members, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and alcohol retailers. Together, they provide a more accurate understanding of the social ecology influencing youth behaviors in a community.

As a form of applied research, the Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) has expertise in the independent and objective evaluation of health and safety programs to transform culture. We believe evaluation is a critical component of the transformation process. By evaluating process and outcomes, it is possible to not only refine programs to become more effective, but the evaluation data can support future policies about program development based on cost-benefit analyses.

Please contact us if you would like further information on our surveys or assessment tools at or (406) 994-7873. 
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