National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 17-69: A Strategic Approach to Transforming Traffic Safety Culture to Reduce Deaths and Injuries (2014-2017)

The transformation of our national traffic safety culture is recognized as a necessary condition for achieving our nation’s traffic safety goals (reducing injuries and fatalities) including the Toward Zero Deaths vision.  However, current research and practices are not sufficient to implement a strategic program for cultural transformation.  This project will develop a process and guidelines for developing, implementing, and evaluating strategic programs for cultural transformation that are integrated within existing traffic safety planning processes of traditional and non-traditional traffic safety partners. Several products will be created including a reference guide (handbook) for transforming culture across all levels of our society (including examples demonstrating the application of these guidelines) and a series of recorded workforce development video lectures to support the implementation of the handbook guidelines.

For more information, please visit TRB NCHRP 17-69.

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