Katie Dively, M.S., MCHES Senior Research Scientist, Senior Trainer

Katie Dively, M.S., MCHES
Senior Research Scientist and Senior Trainer

Katie Dively is a Senior Research Scientist and Senior Trainer at the Center for Health and Safety Culture. Katie holds a M.S. in Health Promotion from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES). In her role, Katie provides guidance to communities and organizations using the Positive Culture Framework and serves as the Center’s primary trainer. Katie also provides resources, technical assistance, and training relating to evidence-based prevention practices including program planning, capacity building, assessment, implementation, and evaluation.

Katie has experience training and providing guidance to over 150 communities and organizations. With a passion for studying health behavior, Katie has led prevention efforts in a variety of topic areas including cancer, cardiovascular disease, substance abuse, child maltreatment, and traffic safety.

Katie works remotely from her home in North Carolina. In her spare time, Katie enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and her husband, Tim.

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