SAMHSA recently announced funding for Harm Reduction Program Grants, with applications due February 7, 2022. The Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) is available to partner on applications and support states and organizations in this important work. 

 We can support organizations and communities in applying the Positive Culture Framework (PCF) to advance their harm reduction work, drawing on the shared values, beliefs, and attitudes in the community and supporting a culture that promotes health and safety. We have depth of experience in assessing the culture of a community or group and using data to plan relevant and appropriate strategies. We work across the social ecology to grow cultures that improve health and safety and are dedicated to appreciating and understanding the diversity of states and communities.  

We understand the impact of stigma on health and safety and the barrier stigma can create. We offer stigma training for coalitions, communities, and other groups and are interested in collaborating with communities to reduce stigma. We have experience with projects specific to stigma and harm reduction.  

Additionally, we have expertise in research and evaluation and experience in evaluating harm reduction programs. We are committed to evaluations that are practical and useful and are interested in building capacity through evaluation activities.  

As examples, below are selected required, and optional activities described in the funding announcement and a brief description of support CHSC can provide.

Required Activities CHSC Can
Assess organizational readiness and create a strategic action plan.Conduct or consult on assessment development, collection, and analysis. Use the Positive Culture Framework to develop strategies across the social ecology.
Develop a sustainability plan.Assess sustainability potential and inform strategies throughout the project duration to support sustainability.
Develop policies and procedures to implement evidence-based trauma-informed practices.Use the Positive Culture Framework to inform policy and procedure strategies.
Designate staff to provide program design, implementation, and evaluation to meet grant program and reporting requirements.Provide leadership skills training; consult on staff structure. Develop evaluation instruments, protocols; conduct the evaluation and support reporting.
Allowable Activities CHSC Can
Implement a communication campaign focused on reducing stigma related to harm reduction.Provide stigma training. Collaborate on stigma assessments and messaging to address stigma. Develop a communication campaign.
Utilize innovative approaches in harm reduction programs.Use the Positive Culture Framework to identify opportunities to grow a supportive culture and develop strategies.
Provide public education on any state “Good Samaritan” laws related to harm reduction.Conduct assessments related to knowledge and beliefs. Use the Positive Culture Framework to develop education and messaging campaigns to grow awareness and supportive beliefs.

CHSC can provide training, contract for specific services, or provide consultation services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships. Please contact CHSC manager Kari Finley, PhD, for more information: or simply fill out the form below and Kari will contact you.

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